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The LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: Official Annual 2018 (Egmont Annuals 2018)

Enter the exciting world of The Lego Batman Movie in the all-new, action-packed annual for 2018! This fantastic new annual features cool comic strip stories and loads of puzzles and games to keep all Lego Batman fans entertained and it comes with a fantastic Lego minifigure to build. Join Batman so you can help him...View more

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The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Variety of Styles (Style Picked at Random)

Only 1 mini-figure is supplied. Each ‘mystery’ bag may contain one of the multiple available in this collection. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific minifigures. If you purchase more than one ‘mystery’ bag, you may receive 2 or more identical minifigures.View more

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Lego The Lego Movie Lord Business LEDLite LED Key Light Keyring

Introducing President Business from the LEGO Movie as a useful key light, with momentary switch located on his chest, poseable arms and light angling legs, this key light is suitable for use by all ages. Simply press the chest plate to switch on the LED lights in both feet Suitable for age 5 years +...View more

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The Lego Movie [DVD] [2014]

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play.   Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Morgan Freeman lend their voices to this CGI-animated comedy based on the line of toys made by Lego. The wicked Lord Business (Will Ferrell)...View more

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Lego: Justice League - Attack of the Legion of Doom [DVD] [2015]

Lego Dc Justice League: Attack Of The Legion Of DoomView more

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LEGO Dimensions: Fun Pack - LEGO Movie Bad Cop

Lego Movie Bad Cop Fun Pack Includes: Bad Cop Mini Figure Police Car Vehicle Each Lego Dimensions Fun Pack is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U Lego Dimensions Starter Packs. What is Lego Dimensions? When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various Lego worlds, different characters from DC...View more

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LEGO: Justice League Vs Bizarro / LEGO Batman: The Movie [DVD] [2015]

Lego: Justice League Vs Bizarro League/ Lego Batman The MovieView more

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LEGO Ninjago Movie 70606 Spinjitzu Training Toy

Lego – Ninjago – Spinjitzu Training Join the ninja heroes at the dojo with this action-packed the Lego Ninjago movie Spinjitzu Training set, featuring a dojo wall with a scroll and 2 detachable staffs, weapon rack with 2 detachable katanas, combat training station, Garmadon combat dummy, plus 2 minifigures. Details: Includes 2 minifigures: Kai and...View more

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Lego Batman Movie Robin Key Light

Holy super powerful light coming out of my shoe, Batman! Dazzle your foes with this LEGO Robin keychain, with an efficient LED light that’s bright enough to illuminate all of Gotham. The goofiness of Robin’s face combined with the tactile delight of a LEGO figurine make a perfect Bane-slaying combinationView more

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LEGO Dimensions: Fun Pack - LEGO Movie Benny

Besonderheiten: Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet! Erstickungsgefahr aufgrund von Kleinteilen.View more

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LEGO Ninjago 51868 Mini Spiral Book With Pen, Movie

Officially licensed notebook with pen.View more

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