LEGO Ninjago Movie 70611 Water Strider Toy

Patrol the canals and bay of NINJAGO city with Nya's awesome Water Strider mech. Pretend to walk on water and climb walls with the posable legs and hover-style feet. Repel shark army attacks with the six-stud rapid shooter. Use Kai's two swords to swipe opponents off the mech. Puffer and Shark Army Thug don't stand a chance against the ninja and the water strider.

Includes an Azari mini-doll figure plus Guxlin the Goblin and Firebolt the Pegasus figures Features a chariot with space for up to three mini-doll figures, a crossbow stud shooter, extending flames from the back and detachable Firebolt the Pegasus Also includes a plant garden with toppling carnivorous plants Try to ensnare firebolt with the plant's mouth Push the lever to extend the chariot's flames and topple the plants