The LEGO® Batman Movie

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The LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: Official Annual 2018 (Egmont Annuals 2018)

Enter the exciting world of The Lego Batman Movie in the all-new, action-packed annual for 2018! This fantastic new annual features cool comic strip stories and loads of puzzles and games to keep all Lego Batman fans entertained and it comes with a fantastic Lego minifigure to build. Join Batman so you can help him...View more

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The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Variety of Styles (Style Picked at Random)

Only 1 mini-figure is supplied. Each ‘mystery’ bag may contain one of the multiple available in this collection. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific minifigures. If you purchase more than one ‘mystery’ bag, you may receive 2 or more identical minifigures.View more

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Lego Batman Movie Robin Key Light

Holy super powerful light coming out of my shoe, Batman! Dazzle your foes with this LEGO Robin keychain, with an efficient LED light that’s bright enough to illuminate all of Gotham. The goofiness of Robin’s face combined with the tactile delight of a LEGO figurine make a perfect Bane-slaying combinationView more

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Lego Lego Batman Movie - Étiquette Bagage Luggage Tag, 13 cm, Black (Noir)

It’s always a bit of a pain waiting for your luggage to arrive after a long flight, and things get even trickier if you have that ‘generic’ looking suitcase. With our official Batman movie luggage tags you’ll no longer have to put your post-flight skills to the test. Just look out for good ol’ Brucey...View more

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LEGO 70900 Batman Movie The Joker Balloon Escape Batman Toy

The Joker has planted a bomb at the Gotham City Energy Facility! Team up with Batman to intercept him before he blows up the power plant. Dispose of the bomb safely, but watch out The Joker is putting on his balloon backpack and launching his escape. Aim the grappling gun and take down that grinning...View more

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LEGO Batman Movie Sorting Box, Storage Case/Container with Compartments. Batman Movie Minifigures Box. Perfect Lego Batman Movie display case

The LEGO Batman Sorting Box has small compartments of various sizes inside to keep the minifigures, vehicles and other LEGO elements separated and intact. The box fits in to most bags and makes it possible for the user to bring their favorite minifigures to a friends house to play. The stackable box has a partly...View more

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LEGO 70920 Batman Movie Egghead Mech Food Fight

Food fight! Team up with Batman against Egghead and Condiment King in an eggy, saucy, messy battle! Dodge the Egghead Mech s fried egg disc shooter and massive spinning, grabbing whisk. Take cover as the Condiment King tries to splatter you with his ketchup and mustard shooter. Battle back with Batman’s grappling gun and take...View more

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LEGO 70901 Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack Batman Toy

Dash to Gotham City Energy Facility with Batman to intercept Mr. Freeze in his mighty Exosuit. Thaw the ice prison with Batman’s flamethrower to release the trapped security guard, then face-off against the Super-Villain. Dodge blasts from the Exosuit’s freeze gun, and put the heat on with Batman’s flamethrower. Only Batman can save the day!View more

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Lego Batman Movie Batman Kids Minifigure Link Buildable Watch | Black/Yellow | Plastic | 28Mm Case Diameter| Analogue Quartz | Boy Girl | Official

Become the hero Gotham deserves with the LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Link Watch!Featuring multi coloured, interchangeable links, this analog watch offers plenty of design possibilities to build a unique watch that fits all wrist sizes. Its time to protect the innocent and bring the bad guys to justice. Your time is now Be the hero!Requires...View more

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LEGO 70902 Batman Movie Catwoman Catcycle Chase Batman Toy

Cat woman has robbed the jewelry store and is about to get away on her powerful Cat cycle. Rush to the scene of the crime with Batgirl and Robin to intercept her. Watch out for Cat woman’s lashing whip and the falling lamppost she knocks over with her bike. Attack with Batgirl’s Batarangs and leap...View more

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