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LEGO – 30352 – City – Jeux de construction – Voiture de Police

LEGO City Police 30352 polybagPoursuis les voleurs avec cette voiture de police LEGO CityComprenant un panneau de stop, des menottes et une figurine de policier.View more

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LEGO 60170 City Police Off-Road Chase

Head out on LEGO City mountain patrol on your motocross bike. Cruise around the mountainside in search of the crook’s hideout full of jewels. Be careful what you come across there’s a snake lurking.View more

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LEGO 60178 City Vehicles Speed Record Car

Put on your helmet, get in the super-cool, streamlined vehicle and set a new record! Strap yourself in the seat, close the cockpit, hit the gas pedal and Go Go Go!View more

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LEGO City 60184 – Bergbauprofis Bergbauteam, Konstruktionsspielzeug

City Bergbauteam Nimm deinen Arbeitshelm und suche gemeinsam mit dem LEGO® City Bergbauteam nach Gold! Dieses tolle Konstruktionsspielzeug enthält einen Felshaufen mit Platz für Goldklumpen-Elemente und Bruchstücke, einen Kipper mit Kippmulde und Platz für eine Minifigur sowie eine Forschungsstation. Enthält 4 Minifiguren und eine Spinnenfigur, die im Dunkeln leuchtet. Details Enthält 4 Bergleute als Minifiguren...View more

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LEGO 60177 City Vehicles Airshow Jet

Head to the skies in the amazing airshow jet and give the visitors a real thrill! Put on your helmet and hop in the jet, close the cockpit and take off to do some cool mid-air stunts!View more

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LEGO CITY: Sneaky Sharks Activity Book with Minifigure

Not suitable for children under 5 years of ageLego[registered] city minifigures have come from far and wide to enjoy a special daredevil show at the beach …but some crooks dressed as sharks threaten to ruin the whole day! Read the fun story, complete the activities and play along with your cool stuntman minifigure!View more

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LEGO 60171 City Police Mountain Fugitives

Patrol the LEGO® city mountains with your partner on the police ATV! What’s that up ahead? It looks like the crooks are digging up some loot by that tree. Speed up and try to take them by surprise. Hey, get back here! Toss the ATV chain over the end of that log to pull the...View more

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LEGO 60150 City Great Vehicles Pizza Van Construction Toy

Open up the pizza van and get ready to take some orders! Grab the dough and start making a pizza. Cut out a slice and serve it up to the hungry customer before boxing up a couple of fresh pizzas and delivering them on the scooter. Pizza’s here, lunch is served!View more

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LEGO 60176 City Police Wild River Escape

Hop in the police speedboat and go after the crook! Steer around the rocks and logs in the river as you get closer to the raft. Turn on the bubble lights and pull up next to the raft. Watch out for the skunk passenger, you don’t want to get sprayed! Pew! Features a police speedboat...View more

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LEGO City 60185 – Bergbauprofis Power-Spalter, Konstruktionsspielzeug

City Power-Spalter für den Bergbau Nimm deinen Arbeitshelm und suche mithilfe des LEGO® City Power-Spalters nach Gold! Dieses Konstruktionsspielzeug enthält einen Power-Spalter mit funktionierendem Presslufthammer, Hebearm und drehbarer Kabine sowie einen Felshaufen mit Bruchelementen und Platz für ein Goldklumpen-Element. Enthält eine Minifigur und eine Spinnenfigur, die im Dunkeln leuchtet. Details Enthält eine Bergmann-Minifigur und eine...View more

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LEGO Ninjago Movie 70607 City Chase Toy

Walk home from school through the Ninjago City food market with Lloyd Garmadon and Nya. But watch out Shark Army Thug is trying to steal money from Ham, the street food stall vendor! Call the police on Nya’s phone and switch into ninja mode to stop Shark Army Thug. Jump off the top of the...View more

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LEGO 60148 City ATV Race Team

Tune up the ATVs and get ready to ride! Lower the ramps and load the ATVs onto the trailer and into the pickup. Then hitch the trailer to the pickup truck and head out to the track. Get your helmet on, jump on an ATV and win the race!View more

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LEGO 60107 City Fire Ladder Truck

Lego – City – Fire ladder truck Put out the burning oil barrel! Hop in the Fire Ladder Truck and race to the scene! Extend the ladder and put out the fire. Use the special stud-shooting hose to battle the blaze and fight the flames on the ground with the fire extinguisher. Keep the oil...View more

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LEGO 60137 City Police Tow Truck Trouble Building Toy

Make a plan between the motorcycle officers to stop the crook! Jump on the police off-road bike or pursuit bike and speed after the tow truck. Recover the safe, make a daring arrest and take the crook off to jail. It’s another exciting day at work for the LEGO City police!View more

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