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LEGO 10700 Classic Base Extra Large Building Plate 10 x 10 Inch Platform, Green

This LEGO Classic Baseplate is a great supplement to any LEGO collection and is the perfect starting point for your inspired, open-ended building play. Suitable for builders ages 4 to 99 years.View more

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LEGO 10714 Classic Blue Baseplate

Lego – Classic – Blue Baseplate WheTher you are creating a seaside town, sunny swimming pool, ship at sea or something else from your imagination, this blue 32×32-stud baseplate is The perfect starting point for building, displaying and creative play with your Lego creations. Details: Blue Lego Baseplate Create a seaside town, sunny swimming pool,...View more

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LEGO 10692 Classic Creative Bricks Learning Toy for Children

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks inspires open-ended building play with an array of colorful bricks and special pieces. Suitable for builders ages 4 to 99 years.View more

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LEGO 10701 Classic Grey Baseplate Learning Toy

Whether you’re creating a street scene, castle, or something of your own imagination, this cream-colored 48×48-stud baseplate is the perfect starting point for building, displaying, and playing with your LEGO creations.View more

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Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Classics Game (Xbox 360)

Based on the last three Harry Potter books and final four films, LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 takes players through Harry Potter’s heroic adventures in the Muggle and wizarding worlds. From Privet Drive in Little Whinging to Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and Hogwarts – plus new locations including Grimmauld Place, the Ministry of Magic, and Godric’s...View more

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LEGO 10693 Classic Creative Supplement Learning Toy

Get busy building whatever you imagine with this colourful set of LEGO bricks in different shapes and sizes! From space rockets and robots to dinosaurs and sharks, this set gives budding builders of all ages the versatility to be really creative and makes a great addition to any existing LEGO collection. There are LEGO bricks...View more

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Lunch Box W. Handle (4 Knob) - Classic, Bright Blue

Lunch time is also fun time with the LEGO Lunch Box! This square lunch box in the classic LEGO brick design features a soft silicone handle for handy transportation. The lid of the lunch box is easily opened and locked with the small clip and is attached to the bottom. Plastic-polypropylene, PVC free and food...View more

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Lego Batman 2 – DC Super Heroes [Family Classics] – [Xbox 360]

Die LEGO-Videospiele sind berühmt für endlosen Spielspaß, familienfreundliche Action, großen Abwechslungsreichtum und eine riesige Portion Humor. Und Batman ist berühmt für spannende Abenteuer, coole Fahrzeuge und geniale Gadgets. Kein Wunder also, dass die Kombination der beiden Supermarken großartige und erfolgreiche Unterhaltung auf den Bildschirm bringt: Über elf Millionen Spieler hatten einen Riesenspaß mit dem ersten...View more

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LEGO 10712 Classic Bricks and Gears

Build, learn and fuel your imagination with this LEGO CLassic Bricks and Gears 10712. Creating moving models is easy with these brightly coloured LEGO building bricks, gears and axle pieces that will help your child develop their creative building skills. This set offers variable levels of building complexity, and makes an excellent starter set for...View more

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LEGO 10713 Classic Creative Suitcase

Create, play and pack neatly away with this smart and convenient LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase, featuring a selection of brightly coloured LEGO building bricks including bricks, eyes, wheels and shapes, for building all kinds of houses, vehicles, creatures and creations. Open the case to access multiple compartments for sorting and storing LEGO pieces. This set...View more

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LEGO Classic Kids Minifigure Link Buildable Watch | blue/yellow | plastic | 28mm case diameter| analogue quartz | boy girl | official

This childrens LEGO Classic Minifigure Link watch is made from plastic/resin and is powered by a quartz movement. It fastens a multicolour plastic/resin strap and has a multicolour dial.View more

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LEGO 10715 Classic Bricks on a Roll

Create all kinds of vehicles, from a wheelchair to a horse and cart, with this special LEGO Classic set, featuring a wide selection of wheels and tires in a variety of colors and sizes. This set also comes with a selection of LEGO pieces including bricks, shapes and eyes. From a skateboard or ice cream...View more

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Lego – Classic – Creative Builder Box Unleash a world of open-ended creativity and imagination with the Lego classic creative builder box. Imaginative building play is easy with these bright, colourful versatile Lego bricks, including a wide selection of doors and windows, shapes and special elements for creating all kinds of buildings. This set provides...View more

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Lego 10696 Classic - Medium Creative Brick Box

Lego – Classic – Medium Creative Brick Box Create your own Lego vehicles with Lego Classic! Designed with builders of all ages in mind, this collection of Lego bricks in 35 different colours will encourage open-ended building play, and inspire any imagination. Windows, eyes, and lots and lots of wheels add to the fun and...View more

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LEGO Wear Mädchen Sweatshirt LEGO Classic TAMARA 804 – Sweatshirt, , , , , Gr. 122, Schwarz (Black 995)

Cooles LEGO wear langarm Shirt für MädchenMaterial: 100% Baumwollewaschbar bei 40 Grad MaschinenwäscheView more

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