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LEGO 10731 Juniors Disney Cars Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator

Head over to Rust-eze’s Racing Center with Disney Pixar’s Cruz Ramirez and get in shape for the big race! Cruz wants to be the best and the Race Simulator will help her. Turn the screen so she can see the readout, spin the blades of the turbine and start the practice race as she rotates...View more

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LEGO 41595 Brickheadz Disney Belle

Build beautiful Belle, as seen in the classic Disney animation Beauty and the Beast, with this new-for-March-2017 LEGO BrickHeadz construction character. Check out the charming princess’ flowing ponytail, ribbon and earrings. Attach the rose to Belle’s hand and dream of that wonderful moment of finding true love for the first time! Display Belle on her...View more

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LEGO 41155 Disney Princess Elsa's Market Adventure

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s marktavontuur 41155View more

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LEGO 41151 Disney Princess Mulan's Training Day

Help Disney Mulan find her father’s sword in her family temple, so that she can take his place in battle. She’s ready for some tough training use the turning dummy to hone her sword skills and aim the catapult. Then use the cute fan to cool down and don’t forget to feed her horse Khan...View more

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LEGO 10742 Juniors Disney Cars Willy's Butte Speed Training

Hit a new top speed with Disney Pixar’s Lightning McQueen during training at Willy’s Butte. Drive Sheriff into place and get ready to time the champion race car with the speed radar as he zooms past, knocks the Radiator Springs road sign spinning and bursts through a roadblock. It’s a record! But can Lightning McQueen...View more

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LEGO 10597 Duplo Disney Mickey Mouse Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade

LEGO DUPLO 10597 – geburtstagsparade – Contains 2 Lego Duplo Figurines: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – The Figures Und Das Accessories Fuel The Fantasy and Rain to rollenspielen an – A Train of a Cake for Construct – Accessories: Balloons, a candle and 3 stones decorated as gifts for the game entry – The...View more

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¡Repara el coche de Mickey Mouse y pasea después con él! A los pequeños fans de Disney les encantará jugar en el taller de Mickey Mouse. El gran coche rojo proporciona horas de diversión; el set incluye también ladrillos especiales decorados con herramientas, sándwiches y el símbolo de un taller para ayudarlos a poner en...View more

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LEGO 10736 Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa's Frozen Playground

Have some winter fun with your favorite Disney Frozen characters! Help Anna load the catapult with snowballs and then launch them into the air. Hold onto the fountain as it spins around, and send the polar bear cub whizzing down the slide. Put on the skis and take a trip down the snowy ramp, then...View more

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LEGO 10828 Duplo Disney Doc Mcstuffins' Pet Vet Care

La Doctora Juguetes y Hallie cuidan de animales enfermos en su clínica con una tabla de consulta, báscula de peso, balanza edificable, la estación de alimentación, perrera, Findo el perro y un gato. Se puede alimentar a Findo antes de abrir la puerta de la jaula que le permitiera asentarse por la noche. A los...View more

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LEGO 41152 Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Castle

Play out the life of Disney Princess Aurora with her friends the good fairy Merry weather and a little bunny. Recreate favourite scenes from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty as you help her to turn the spinning wheel. But beware, Maleficent is close by in her lair. Enjoy building and customising this set in different ways, easily...View more

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LEGO 41150 Disney Princess Moana's Ocean Voyage

Launch Moana’s boat with her mighty friend Maui and Heihei the rooster, then study the star map and eat the delicious fruit as you sail along. But beware of the pesky Kakamora trying to steal the heart of Te Fiti from Moana on the way! Enjoy ocean adventures and help transform the island back to...View more

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LEGO 41153 Disney Princess Ariel's Royal Celebration Boat

Make a celebration to remember with Disney Princess Ariel and Eric. Set sail in their royal boat and pretend to play music with Sebastian by spinning the starfish while they dance the night away on the revolving dancefloor. Enjoy some cake with Max the dog and find Ariel’s treasure hidden in the ship’s hull, before...View more

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LEGO 41068 Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Celebration

Enter the world of Disney Frozen and for building fun with Elsa, Anna and Olaf. Beautiful Arendelle castle’s enchanting details such as the ice room, Anna’s bedroom and a roof slide give you all the inspiration you need to recreate magical scenes from Disney’s Frozen and Frozen Fever, as well as your very own adventures....View more

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LEGO 41148 Disney Frozen Elsa's Magical Ice Palace

Ride in Disney Anna’s sleigh to the Ice Palace, then help Elsa use her powers to open the doors and reveal the sliding bridge for a grand entrance to the castle. Enjoy tea and cake in the grand hall, then spin out the magical staircase to explore the bedroom upstairs. Take the slide to play...View more

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LEGO 41154 Disney Princess Cinderella's Dream Castle

Play out life with Disney Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming in their castle. Help them dine together in the grand dining hall before heading out to the revolving dancefloor on the balcony. Find the cheeky mice and feed them some cheese, then visit Cinderella’s foal and help him practice over the jump or pull the...View more

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