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LEGO® Friends Journal (Blue Cover)

Lego Friends Journal – BlueView more

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LEGO Friends 41113: Party Gift Shop Mixed

Help the baby bunnies find a gift for an upcoming birthday party. Open up the shop shutters and choose a gift to put in the gift box. Then they can play on the see-saw and enjoy some tasty carrots before they head to the party. LEGO model number: 41113. Theme: LEGO Friends. Grab a birthday...View more

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LEGO Friends Lunch Set, Lavender

Bellissimo contenitore porta pranzo e borraccia decorate a tema Lego Friends! Misure: scatola 160 x 140 x 65 mm e borraccia 350 ml. Lavabile in lavastoviglie.Prodotto spedito entro 24 ore dalla ricezione dellâ€ÂTMordine con corriere espressoView more

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LEGO Friends Lunch Set (Lime Green)

It may have passed you by but LEGOs new range of LEGO Friends products certainly won’t have escaped your daughters attention. Voted as this years top “must have” toy, any discerning LEGO fanatic shouldn’t be without the new Friends range and there’s no better way for your little darling to be the envy of their...View more

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LEGO 41328 Friends Stephanie's Bedroom

Practice your aim on Stephanie’s own personal mini golf putting green, but make sure her cute little dog Dash doesn’t run off with the ball! Settle him down in his dog bed and give him a bone as a treat, then help Stephanie lie down and admire one of her many sporting trophies. Don’t forget...View more

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Lego Friends: Beauty Of Building

Lego Friends – Lunchbox: GroenView more

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LEGO 41329 Friends Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom

Olivia is working hard on her computer in her bedroom. Help her robot Zobito use his special elevator and track to fetch tools and bring them down to her.Use the tablet to call friends and wish them goodnight before she settles down in her awesome rocket bed. In the morning, Zobito can make coffee at...View more

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LEGO 41330 Friends Stephanie's Soccer Practice

Keep training with Stephanie at her Soccer Practice in Heartlake City Park, and you’ll soon have the best skills in all of Heartlake!Use the shoot function to launch the ball toward the goal and then move Stephanie’s platform from side to side to help her make an acrobatic save. You can play on your own...View more

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LEGO 41326 Friends Advent Calendar 2017 Construction Toy

Count down to a LEGO Friends Christmas this December! Build a holiday party scene for the LEGO Friends pets, with a new part to build every day. First find Stephanie and her snowmobile, then see what other Christmas surprises she can collect along the way!View more

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LEGO 41333 Friends Olivia's Mission Vehicle

This LEGO Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle 41333 comes with an Olivia mini-doll, a buildable Zobo figure and a cat figure, and there is room to fit all 5 girls from Heartlake City inside this popular kids toy! Discover the secret compartment under Zobo’s control center with a map of Heartlake City Park. Use the satellite...View more

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LEGO 41332 Friends Emma's Art Stand

Emma is towing her art stand behind her cool little scooter to set up in Heartlake City Park- her favourite place to paint caricatures.Swing open the windows to show the paintings she has for sale today and help her operate the cash register. Settle her cat Chico down in his bed for a nap, while...View more

£ 16.66 1 retailer

LEGO 41334 Friends Andrea's Park Performance

Take centre stage for an afternoon of performances in Heartlake City Park, starting with a puppet show!Help the dad and his baby sit down on a bench to watch the show, then press the piano keys at the back of the stage to help the puppets move about. Afterwards, rotate the stage background to help...View more

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LEGO 41311 Friends Heartlake Pizzeria

Bake and serve delicious fresh pizza with Emma and Oliver at the popular Heartlake Pizzeria. Get busy making all the orders in the kitchen and use the paddle to place them in the pizza oven. Then take them upstairs to serve them on the romantic restaurant balcony. Oliver has some orders for delivery, so jump...View more

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LEGO 41300 Friends Puppy Championship

Join Azari Fire dancer and Farran Leaf shade as they rescue the captured animals while they search for Sophie Jones! Check out the crystal and cage-making workshops, and watch goofy Fibblin try to catch Hidee the Chameleon. Help the elves deflect the evil seeds Bieblin is shooting at them from the catapult and avoid Smiling...View more

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LEGO 41336 Friends Emma's Art Café

Emma loves stopping by the Art Cafe for lunch to bring out her creative side and find inspiration for her next piece of work.Help her friend Prankzy complete his graffiti art on the wall outside, and then head inside to toast a delicious panini in the machine. Grab a cup of coffee and some cake,...View more

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LEGO Friends Storage Brick 8 Knobs, Stackable Storage Box, 12 l, Purple

Let children tidy up with a smile. The LEGO Storage Brick is a fun storage box for toys, LEGO bricks, office utensils and other small items. The iconic box is designed to stack, just like the original LEGO brick. Decorate, play, build, form and have fun with the boxes, or keep your toys and LEGO...View more

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LEGO 41338 Friends Stephanie's Sports Arena

Meet up with Stephanie to keep fit and play some of her favourite sports. Head through the main entrance to the basketball arena. Practice your aim by pressing the button to shoot basketballs into the net, then take a seat in the stand to watch Stephanie take on her biggest rival in a tennis match!...View more

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LEGO 41313 Friends Heartlake Summer Pool

Make a splash with Andrea and Martina as they whizz down the slide and into the pool! Spring off the diving board, practice some lengths and then head over to the swim-up bar for a cold drink. Chill out in the hot tub and relax with a newspaper on the day bed. Freshen up in...View more

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LEGO 41126 Friends Heartlake Riding Club

Use the horse exerciser to warm up the ponies, then practice jumping-you can even raise the bar when you’ve got the hang of it. Groom the horses and get dressed in the changing area. After the competition put the horses to bed and hang out with Mia and Stephanie in the Riding Club cafeteria before...View more

from £ 40.82 2 retailers

LEGO 41314 Friends Stephanie's House

Stephanie spends most of her time baking in the kitchen and you can help her make a cake to enjoy with her friends later. Help her dad, James, to vacuum the lounge before feeding Chili the baby rabbit outside. Head up the sweeping staircase to help m… Read moreView more

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