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LEGO 10731 Juniors Disney Cars Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator

Head over to Rust-eze’s Racing Center with Disney Pixar’s Cruz Ramirez and get in shape for the big race! Cruz wants to be the best and the Race Simulator will help her. Turn the screen so she can see the readout, spin the blades of the turbine and start the practice race as she rotates...View more

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LEGO 10732 Juniors Guido and Luigi's Pit Stop

Have some fun with big-hearted Guido and his best pal Luigi as they wait for the race cars to arrive for a pit stop. Join in the Disney Pixar Cars 3 action with the air hose, fuel can and spare tire but don’t forget to show the number 95 pit sign if you spot the...View more

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LEGO 10733 Juniors Mater's Junkyard

Join Mater in his Easy to Build junkyard as he chats with Lightning McQueen on the video screen, featuring a movable crane and Tow Mater sign. Use the crane to lift the assorted car parts out of the box and attach them to the buildable tow truck, and have fun testing them on this lovable...View more

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LEGO 10730 Juniors Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher

Join in the exciting Disney Pixar Cars 3 racing world with Lightning McQueen’s Speed Launcher, featuring a race leaderboard, starting ramp and a launch function with a red button. Includes a simple guide to build and play, and bigger pieces help build confidence in younger kids. LEGO Juniors is an age-appropriate build and play experience...View more

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LEGO 10748 Juniors Emma's Pet Party

Help Emma plan Chico’s birthday in Heartlake City Park with this LEGO Juniors Emma’s Pet Party 10748 Set! Cart all the goodies into the park with the wheelbarrow and set up by the arch. Play with Chico on the seesaw before you and Emma decorate the delicious cake. Cut a slice for Chico so he...View more

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LEGO 10750 Juniors Road Repair Truck

Join the LEGO City roadwork crew and take care of the streets with this LEGO Junior Road Repair Truck 10750 Set! This fun toy for boys and girls features an Easy to Build Road Repair Truck with Quick Start chassis, minifigure cab and an open back for tools, plus a trailer with ramp and a...View more

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LEGO 10737 Juniors Batman Vs. Mr. Freeze Superhero Toy

Hop aboard the powerful Batboat and help Batman keep Gotham City safe from Mr. Freeze! Load up the bat-discs and take aim at the ice speeder. But look out! If Mr. Freeze uses his freeze gun and captures Batman in his icy jail, Gotham City will be put on ice!View more

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LEGO 10742 Juniors Disney Cars Willy's Butte Speed Training

Hit a new top speed with Disney Pixar’s Lightning McQueen during training at Willy’s Butte. Drive Sheriff into place and get ready to time the champion race car with the speed radar as he zooms past, knocks the Radiator Springs road sign spinning and bursts through a roadblock. It’s a record! But can Lightning McQueen...View more

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LEGO 10740 Juniors Fire Patrol Suitcase

The abandoned house has caught fire! Call the firefighters and rush to the LEGO City emergency in the speedy fire pickup and motorcycle! Help the firefighting heroes reach the roof in the cherry picker and put out the fire with the extinguishers but watch out for the flames bursting through the doorway! There’s a surprise...View more

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LEGO 10751 Juniors Mountain Police Chase

Be a hero of the LEGO City Mountain Police Force with this LEGO Juniors Mountain Police Chase 10751! This cool toy for kids features an Easy to Build helicopter with opening minifigure cockpit, spinning rotors and a chain with hook, as well as a police station with desk, opening safe and jail cell with opening...View more

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LEGO 10746 Juniors Mia's Farm Suitcase

Jump in the pickup and drive with Mia to the LEGO® Friends farm to feed the animals, featuring a stable with opening gate, pen, wheelbarrow, hay bales and assorted food elements and farmyard tools. Help children learn to care for and nurture the animals with this easy-to-carry suitcase play set. LEGO Juniors is an age-appropriate...View more

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LEGO – 10754 – Juniors Super Heroes – Jeu de Construction – Spider – Man contre Scorpion

Poursuis le Scorpion avec Spider-Man dans sa Spider-Mobile?! ?lance-toi depuis la rampe ? toute vitesse et poursuis le super-vilain ? travers la ville, mais prends garde au dard de sa voiture?! Lance des boules de toile avec la catapulte pour le ralentir, puis jette la grande toile pour l’arr?ter net. Pourras-tu l’envelopper sans te faire...View more

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LEGO 10743 Juniors Smokey's Garage

Drive Disney Pixar’s Lightning McQueen into Smokey’s Garage. After a tough training session with Junior Moon and Smokey, it looks like he’s going to need a little repair work! Change the tires and then make sure to pick the right tools to tune Lightning’s engine so he’s ready to win the next race!View more

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LEGO – 10755 – Juniors Ninjago – Jeu de Construction – la poursuite en Bateau de Zane

Saute dans le bateau de Zane et pars avec lui dans sa course pour la carte qui m?ne au masque?! En fon?ant en direction du temple, garde l’?il sur Chopper Maroon, l’un des fils de Garmadon, sur sa moto. Le voil?, et il roule ? toute vitesse?! Arr?te le bateau ? quai et poursuis ta...View more

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LEGO 10747 Juniors Andrea and Stephanie's Beach Holiday

When the sun shines, it’s time for Stephanie and Andrea to play! Skip along to the LEGO Friends beach and have some fun on the dock’s slide, or swim over to the speedboat and splash around in the sea as the cute dolphin swims by. All this fun is making the friends thirsty, so it’s...View more

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LEGO 10734 Juniors Demolition Site

Stephanie spends most of her time baking in the kitchen and you can help her make a cake to enjoy with her friends later. Help her dad, James, to vacuum the lounge before feeding Chili the baby rabbit outside. Head up the sweeping staircase to help mom Alicia working in the office and then to...View more

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LEGO – 10753 – Juniors Super Heroes – Jeu de Construction – l’Attaque du Joker de la Batcave

Prot?ge la Batcave avec Batman? ? bord de son Batwing super cool?! Envole-toi depuis la Batcave ? bord de l?avion tandis que Robin? supervise les op?rations dans le centre de contr?le, et poursuis le bolide cracheur de flammes du Joker??! Tire des bat-disques sur la voiture depuis le Batwing et ?vite les b?tons de dynamite...View more

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LEGO 10744 Juniors Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race

Save Disney Pixar’s Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez from Miss Fritter, who’s crashed her way through the Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race and is in hot pursuit this is no normal race, it’s a demolition derby! Swerve out of the way of the big yellow school bus, dodge the flaming tires and traffic cones, and...View more

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